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There are a lot of different options available in the VPN market, but what are the pro’s and con’s of using in this service

There are a lot of different options available in the VPN market, but what are the pro’s and con’s of using in this service

Currently, it’s a bit of a jungle. The VPN offers are very numerous, new VPNs appear every week. It must be said that they have never been so necessary: to secure a Wifi connection, to block VOD services such as Netflix or Hulu, to protect one’s surfing, to confidentialize one’s P2P and Torrent.

  1. The users are numerous, they have exploded in the last two-three years. And the first motivation at the time of making a choice in this jungle remains the Price! According to our surveys and feedback, it is the price that will determine the final choice of a VPN offer.
  2. That’s why free VPN offers are multiplying. Not for empathy towards the future user but to make the Surfshark VPN review known

Free VPN offer

I will êbe honestête. I’ve been convinced by few’free VPN offer of the marketé. Indeed, besides the connections, there are often many limitations of uses (no Torrent or P2P) and of data, we do not really know if we have a log, etc. Basically, you can use a free service to… surf the web and that’s probably it with Surfshark VPN test @

If I had to pick one, the most reliable is CyberGhost. It’s the free VPN that offers the most. The connection software is very easy to install, no registration and no mail to validate. CyberGhost’s free offer includes: OpenVPN with AES encryption, 16 countries (80 servers) and no data or speed limitations. In return for the aggressive and very current advertising for the paid service. Logical because CyberGhost gives a lot for a free service and therefore seeks to make this advertising profitable. Second counterpart: servers that can be slow if they are overloaded. And connection waiting times (List with number that is running!) according to the Countries – The USA is very often affected!

  • The uses are limited à what transits via your browser: Surfing, Streaming on Netflix VOD service, Téléloading on Hébergeurs of files, Réseaux sociaux. So forget about File Sharing usage: Torrent – Emule – P2P! and everything that goes through software
  • But not all Free VPNs are like à Cyberghost. I didn’t have a good experience of the célèbre Hola for example. On principle I do not trust a free VPN that does not ask for anything in return. I did well to trust me: as it has no network of its own, this service uses the network of its subscribers to change bandwidth and IP. Hence the term peer-to-peer VPN. So your IP and bandwidth can be used for DDoS attacks. This is neither theoretical nor paranoid because the 8Chan imageboard has been a victim of this mit der gunstig VPN.

Paid VPN Offer – Best paid VPNs à less than $50/AN

The paid VPN offer is huge, increasing almost daily!!!

The list that we propose you is based on only one criterion: THE PRIX !!! Knowing that users have financial motivations the VPNs proposed below will satisfy you: they are cheap and quality is the key!!!

Private Internet Access – $39.95/AN

Don’t get bogged down with Free when for $39.95/AN (month $3.33) you get access to a very high quality technical VPN:

  • 3 Protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
  • SOCKS5
  • 20 Countries
  • NO LOGS; Located in the USA
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Windows and Mac login software
  • iOS and Android apps